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The Boy & The Leaf - Kyrs Clothing
The Boy & The Leaf - Kyrs Clothing

Some initial ideas for Kyr's clothing while exploring and surviving.
I also thought about giving him warrior or defender equipment, but
Kyr is too young for that role, but I might use it as a reference for village guards in the future.

Kyr's task for his age will be mainly gathering and hunting for food to
guarantee the survival of the villagers.

The fishing clothing is pretty simple, but he only fishes.
He is quite close to the village, so not much protection is needed.

The hunter's clothing is more brave about color and shape, so for hunting actually not
the best choice, but I guess I just liked the overall design. : D

For gathering, I thought about giving him a cape made with leaves to
camouflage himself in order to make his life easier while traveling through
the forests.

The Boy and the Leaf is a personal project I started working on years ago.
The story is about Kyr, who is exploring a swampy jungle environment.
He is searching for adventure and to get a better understanding of the world he lives in.
There is a tribe, village, and world to design, and I will keep you updated.


More artwork